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Vinyl Distribution

Since 1995 iTraxxx has been known as a reliable partner for record labels around the world for setting up vinyl releases. Until recently iTraxxx used to offer full pressing & distribution deals to many of our labels but due to changes in the vinyl industry we have been forced to change our ways of working which resulted into a new concept that we call a ‘’shared pressing and distribution’’ deal.

Shared pressing & distribution

Due to the ever increasing competition in vinyl sales we find it is more difficult for labels to break even when doing vinyl. This led too a situation where the original pressing and distribution deals can no longer be presented to new labels. We have been forced to secure our own and the labels business by asking small advances that cover the risks of not breaking even. This is what we call a ‘shared pressing and distribution’ deal.

The advance that is required will be determined by our vinyl department manager based on the following principles:

–       The quality of the provided music and the level/esteem of the artist/producer.
–       The labels available back stock.
–       The amount of test presses required and related shipping and transport.
–       Results of previous releases.
–       The quantity requested to be pressed.

Prices for vinyl pressing and distribution

Pressing demands by labels are often very different from eachother as there are numerous possibilities regarding the weight of (coloured) vinyl, choice of (inner) sleeve. The minimum number of vinyl to order is 300 copies. Starting March 1st, 2015 we have new prices. Below we have described a the most basic deal that is often used by our clients:

Pressing 300 12″ records on 140 gram vinyl in a black disco sleeve with full colour label and basic vinyl mastering at Record Industry including 3 test presses costs a label around £825. This is excluding VAT, mechanical rights and transport for testpresses and/or finished copies.

For anything special please ask us for a detailed quote. For examples on pressing possibilities like coloured vinyl  special packaging, lasered vinyl.

Once we have pressed up these records we start selling the product. For each product that we sell we report an average price of £3.00 back to the label for standard products as described above. For special products we determine the payback according to the quote with you.

Requirements for pressing and distributing a release 

In order to get your record prepared we need:

–       Full waves of each track
–       Label logo.
–       Artwork for your finished product, 12’’ label sticker, printed sleeve (if needed). 
–       1400 X 1400 pixels digital artwork.
–       A salesnote with a detailed description of your release.

Planning and release date

When our vinyl department manager is provided with the correct information it will take up to 5 weeks until the test presses will be finished and back at the warehouse. After the final check it takes an additional 4 weeks until the finished copies are ready for distribution.


After your record is released you can receive a sales report every 6-7 weeks.  Your profit of vinyl sales will be determined by the following:

Profits can be either paid back to the label through an invoice but in some scenarios labels prefer to use their profit as a backup for future releases.


Promotion is done by the label. Advertisement on shops as iTraxxx and iTunes like highlighting certain release are made by the marketing staff of those shops solely.

Fair pricing, full profit

Our standard deal gets you 300 12″ records on 140 gram vinyl (new standard vinyl weight for a 12”) in a black disco sleeve with full colour label and basic vinyl mastering including 3 testpresses.

The costs are around . This is excluding VAT, mechanical rights and transport.

Mastering Solutions

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